How do I know when my song will play?
If your song was submitted by Wednesday morning, you will receive a schedule via email on Friday for the upcoming week. This schedule will tell you what days and times your music will be played on the radio. If you do not receive an email, please check your spam or junk folder.
Does my song need to be dirty or clean?
GFR plays explicit music. If you have a dirty version, please submit it. If the song is clean, that’s completely fine and approved for submission as well.
Can I submit more than one song?
Yes. However, you can only upload one song per transaction.
How do I hear Get Familiar Radio and my song being played?
You can hear GFR via Dash Radio. Download the Dash Radio app and listen to it anywhere/anytime.
What if my song doesn’t play when it’s suppose to play?
First, please be sure you are reading the time zone correctly as to when it is scheduled to air. Second, please allow up to a minute delay for your record to begin as some previous songs or radio imaging may throw the clock off a bit. If you are 100% certain that your record did not play, contact us and we will check our system to verify and if it did not, we will alleviate this by giving it a new time.
Can I request when my song will air on the radio?
Unfortunately, not at this time however, we are creating a system that will allow for the ability to request your song to be played in certain time blocks.
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